As Presbyterians, we believe that God created the world and is ultimately
sovereign over all creation.

We believe that through human choice (Adam’s, Eve’s and all humans since) we
rebel against God’s will and need forgiveness, direction and re-direction.

We believe that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to set the example
of the Christian life, to give His own life an atonement for sin, and to be resurrected and thus live again, that all may accept the promised of a more
abundant life on earth and eternal life when we die.


We believe that God send His Holy Spirit to comfort us when we are perplexed
and to perplex us when we become too comfortable in our faith; and


We believe that the church is God’s family on earth where we worship,
fellowship, grow, serve, help, and reach out to others in and for our Lord.

What We Believe